Trillium Therapeutics Virtual R&D Day

Trillium's inaugural R&D Day was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm ET.

The virtual event included a clinical update for TTI-622 and TTI-621, Trillium's new strategic priorities in terms of target indications and drug combinations across hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, and updated milestones and guidance for 2021. 

A replay of the R&D Day webcast can be found here.  

Trillium R&D Day Presentation

Guest Speaker Biographies


Naval Daver, MD

Dr. Naval Daver is an Associate Professor in the Department of Leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He completed his medical school from Grant Medical College and Sir J group of Hospitals Mumbai, followed by a residency and fellowship in hematology-oncology from Baylor College of Medicine. He is a clinical investigator with a focus on molecular and immune therapies in AML and Myelofibrosis and is principal investigator on >25 ongoing institutional, national and international clinical trials in these diseases. These trials focus on developing a personalized therapy approach by targeting specific mutations or immune pathways expressed by patients with AML, evaluating novel combinations of targeted, immune and cytotoxic agents, and identifying and overcoming mechanism of resistance. He is especially interested in developing monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, immune checkpoint and vaccine based approaches in AML, MDS, and myelofibrosis and is leading a number of these trials at MDACC. Dr. Daver has published >150 peer-reviewed manuscripts and is on the editorial board of numerous hematology specific journals. He has also authored numerous abstracts at national and international conferences.

Alexander M. Lesokhin, MD

Alexander M. Lesokhin, MD, is the Interim Service Chief for the Myeloma Service and a member of the Cellular Therapeutics Center. He is also a member of the Ludwig Collaborative laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, New York.  He received his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with distinction in research.

Dr. Lesokhin’s research focuses on the ability of cancers to evade the immune system and on developing novel treatments to reverse this process.  He leads a portfolio of clinical trials testing the clinical and immune effects of antibodies targeting immune agonists, immune checkpoints, bi-specific engagers and adoptive cellular therapies focused in hematologic malignancies.  He has additionally developed and validated assays for measuring myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) as a potential biomarker for efficacy of immune based therapies. His work has resulted in 70 peer-reviewed publications.  Dr. Lesokhin has received career development awards from the American Cancer Society and the Melanoma Research Alliance and receives additional funding from Cycle for Survival, the Sawiris Foundation, and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.


Krish Patel, MD

Krish Patel is a clinical investigator and Director of the Lymphoma Program at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Patel completes his medical school, residency and fellowship training at Duke University School of Medicine where he serves as a Chief Resident in Internal Medicine. In 2016, he joined the Swedish Cancer Institute Center for Blood Disorders and Stem Cell Transplantation as a clinical investigator. Clinically, he is focused on all aspects of lymphoma and CLL related care. He has a particular research interest in the development of novel targeted agents, immunotherapies, and cellular therapies to advance care for patients with lymphoid malignancies. He is currently a principal investigator for numerous phase I-III therapeutic lymphoma and CLL clinical trials at SCI.